For mother's day, I paired up with Macaroni Kid Snoqualmie Valley & Issaquah to give away one of my shoot for a very deserving mom. We had people nominate those they believed needed it the most.

Liz was nominated by her mom and her story was so touching that they selected her. I was so excited to work with her and after hearing her story it was even more precious. She is such a joy to be around. Her eyes twinkle with love and joy and her smile is contagious. She is a single mom with a 7 year old son. She lost her partner a few years back and ever since has been juggling work and raising her son with the help of her parents.

So this for you Liz and all the moms who have to juggle it all -- this is your time to shine...

A mother with a heart of gold

This project of mine has taken me a year to make. And now that its here -- done, edited and produced -- I am so happy how it came together. It was even more wonderful when my friend, Nicole, agreed to model for me.

She is such an amazing mom and wife. Juggling three kids and their activities,  home and a part-time job is amazing feat on its own. But along with all that, she also decided to achieve a goal she had before she turned 40. And she did it. Her transformation has just been amazing. So it only made sense to capture it for her 40th... it made this shoot even more special.

For you Nicole, you are an inspiration everyday

Portrait of a Mother

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