Designing is my first passion. I love looking at spaces and seeing endless possibilities.I hold a Diploma in interiors from Raheja's School of Architecture, Mumbai and when I moved here, I got my B.F.A (bachelors in fine art) in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Seattle. I love blending both my indian roots with the modern design that I have grown to love over here. The designing elements that I learned from both places help me create unique spaces for my clients. 

My belief is a design is only successful if at the end of it, my client feels like it is a haven for them. 


Photography is my hobby which I got into as a teenager when my dad handed me his old canon. I took it up more seriously when I took some photoshop classes while at the Art Institute. My love for photography grew even more when my first born came about. I loved capturing the different stages of her life as she was growing up. And that is what I love to do for my clients who become friends as I see their families growing every year. 


I was born and brought up in Mauritius. I went for my higher studies to India for 2 years. I moved here 17 years ago after I got married. My background has a mix of an island girl, indian descent and american influence. I love adding a little pop to any design with color, texture or pattern. My husband is my best friend, partner in crime and biggest support so are my 2 lovely daugthers.

Email : minaldmonga@gmail.com

Call/Text : 425 279 3171

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